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Welcoming & Festive The Restaurant

Restaurant Opening Times:
7/7, lunch & dinner (closing time 10pm)

Enjoy Your Meal at at Les Canisses

Enjoy the restaurant’s delicious wood-fired French traditional cuisine, while admiring the charming pastoral setting from the large riverside patio.



The Normandy region is renowned for its wide range of delicious homegrown specialties. The restaurant’s Chef Pascal Lecuyer takes pride in selecting fresh produce from local farms to concoct a special menu with each new season.

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Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant lounge area from the comfort of the plush chairs. Fun, friendly, and festive events are held throughout the year at Les Canisses.


In the summertime, relax outdoors in the cool shade of the majestic parasols. The restaurant’s spacious patio is ideal to dine by the Seine River. A selection of watersports activities is also on offer.